We test, we automate, we protect your IT!

To sum up, we are experts in IT quality management.

We do not operate from a garage, and we have no fancy products. But we do have an instinct for knowing what the market needs. In the wake of the Internet/millennium hype every man and his dog were developing software. More or less wildly, but always in line with the times. But hardly anyone took the time to test their software. That was, and continues to be, our opportunity.

Things got progressively better during the noughties - large companies noticed us and, with a large manufacturer behind us, we grew and grew. We concentrate mainly on the German-speaking countries and work for large and medium-sized companies. Bespoke solutions are one of our specialities, as is the close partnerships we enjoy with our customers. These include well-known DAX companies, successful medium-sized enterprises and innovative start-ups.

As a problem solving business and a fair adviser, we are tasked with collaborating on challenging projects. Neither is there any shortage of humour - ranging from the very dark to the light-hearted, we tend to do a lot of laughing. Never about other people, but often with other people.

With over 120 full-time staff and contractors, we spend every day trying to make the slogan „we make IT work“ a reality.