Making improvements together!

Success requires partners. We are completely convinced of this. So close friendships keep us tied to many, many people, while we maintain long-term relationships with companies.

We always try to find the best solution for our customers. In the process we are happy to collaborate with others - each to their own strengths. Independent recommendations and a wealth of experience leads to bespoke, customer-specific outcomes.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The Cupertino-based hardware and software manufacturer is one of the biggest-selling IT companies in the world. We have specialised in Hewlett Packard Enterprise software and we offer products and services for using it.

Microsoft Corporation

As of 2014 we are a certified Microsoft Partner and we help companies to design and implement integrative application lifestyle management platforms.

Palo Alto Networks

This company, founded in 2005, develops innovative firewall technologies for identifying and scrutinising users, applications and content. We deploy these cyber-security solutions ourselves and for our customers.

Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile helps companies develop and test their applications for mobile terminals, and then monitor them on an ongoing basis. The MobileCloud™ platform provides an innovative solution for end-to-end quality management for mobile applications on a wide range of devices.


ConnectALL®, eine Marke der Orasi Software Company, unterstützt Unternehmen um größere Agilität und Geschwindigkeit zu erreichen. Die ConnectALL-Integrationsplattform vereint Menschen, Prozesse, Anwendungen und Tools unterschiedlichster ALM- und DevOps-Anbieter wie Atlassian, Microfocus, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, BMC, ServiceNow und mehr. Weitere Informationen:



Experitest is the provider of SeeTest tools for mobile test automation, manual testing, monitoring and performance, supporting all mobile OS: iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8 and BlackBerry. Its tools provide an end-to-end solution and integrate into all ALM environments on the market including HPs UFT/QC, Microsoft’s Visual Studio/TFS, IBM’s Rational, and all open source environments (C#, Junit, Perl, Python, Ruby & Selenium).
Experitest's customer base of over 300 Fortune 500 companies includes 7 of the 10 largest banks worldwide, 3 of 5 top global healthcare companies and 8 of 10 top telecommunication companies in the world. Examples include Barclays, Westpac, Verizon, China Mobile, Orange, Amtrak, Sony, Marvell, Medtronic, Kno, TCS, IBM, Canon, Sky, Microsoft, GlobalLogic, TNT, Hong Kong International Airport and many more.
Experitest is an HP Gold Partner (and its tools are HP certified applications) and a Microsoft VSIP partner (and its tools are Microsoft certified). For more information:

TurnKey Solutions

TurnKey Solutions is HP’s exclusive partner for scriptless test automation, transforming the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform into a highly dynamic, easy-to-use and cost-effective test automation solution. With over 10 years of technology integration and development, the teams have worked together to deliver industry leading solutions that help midsized companies and global enterprises accelerate time to market, lower costs and increase the quality and performance of their enterprise applications. For more information: