Making improvements together!

Success requires partners. We are completely convinced of this. So close friendships keep us tied to many, many people, while we maintain long-term relationships with companies.

We always try to find the best solution for our customers. In the process we are happy to collaborate with others - each to their own strengths. Independent recommendations and a wealth of experience leads to bespoke, customer-specific outcomes.

Micro Focus

Following the acquisition of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise software division, Micro Focus is one of the seven largest software companies in the world, with $ 4.4 billion in revenue. We specialize in Micro Focus software and provide products & services for their use. For more information see:


Experitest is the provider of SeeTest tools for mobile test automation, manual testing, monitoring and performance, supporting all mobile OS: iOS, Android, WindowsPhone8 and BlackBerry. Its tools provide an end-to-end solution and integrate into all ALM environments on the market including HPs UFT/QC, Microsoft’s Visual Studio/TFS, IBM’s Rational, and all open source environments (C#, Junit, Perl, Python, Ruby & Selenium).
Experitest's customer base of over 300 Fortune 500 companies includes 7 of the 10 largest banks worldwide, 3 of 5 top global healthcare companies and 8 of 10 top telecommunication companies in the world. Examples include Barclays, Westpac, Verizon, China Mobile, Orange, Amtrak, Sony, Marvell, Medtronic, Kno, TCS, IBM, Canon, Sky, Microsoft, GlobalLogic, TNT, Hong Kong International Airport and many more.
Experitest is an HP Gold Partner (and its tools are HP certified applications) and a Microsoft VSIP partner (and its tools are Microsoft certified). For more information:

Palo Alto Networks

This company, founded in 2005, develops innovative firewall technologies for identifying and scrutinising users, applications and content. We deploy these cyber-security solutions ourselves and for our customers. For more information see:


Tasktop offers solutions to connect their tools and promote the exchange among all involved. An intelligent synchronization platform allows the stable and fast exchange of data between all involved systems. No more manual reconciliation and access to obsolete data. We use Tasktop solutions very successfully for the integration of Micro Focus tools into the tool and process landscape of our customers. For more information see:


Morpheus is a next-generation multi-cloud management platform that supports large business organizations and MSPs in hybrid IT and DevOps initiatives. The platform offers a unified and systematic approach to multi-cloud self-service and DevOps orchestration, which closes the gap between teams, tools and processes in applications. More information:

CA Technologies

CA Technologies develops and distributes digital solutions for networking, storage, security, project and portfolio management. Founded in 1976 in New York, the company focuses on applications that cover the entire application lifecycle from development to testing to operating. CA Technologies has been a subsidiary of Broadcom Inc. since November 2018. For more information see:


Veracode is a leading application security provider for the efficient creation of secure software. The solution makes it possible to minimize the risk of security breaches. With a combination of automation, integration, process and speed, Veracode helps companies get accurate and reliable results with fewer false positives, so they can be assured that their software is as protected as possible. For more information see: