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Moving great things together 

We like to cooperate with other IT service providers to make our customers' projects successful together. In doing so, we complement each other perfectly with advanced know-how to create real added value.

Through IT Solutions Holding, we are integrated into a strong group of companies that offers custom-fit solutions according to the individual requirements of our customers with specialised consulting and implementation services as well as complementary software.

Strengthening strengths - with this approach we combine our respective expertise to provide complex and comprehensive services for companies.   


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Our holding partners

mod IT Services GmbH

For more than 30 years, customers of mod IT Services have been aware of the holistic approach - consulting, development of individual solutions and joint implementation in projects or in ongoing operations.

Experience, trust and IT process expertise are the cornerstones of the IT services Enterprise Service Management, Workplace Management and IT and OT Security. At the Einbeck, Hannover and Kassel locations, around 200 employees work on individual solutions and support more than 16,000 end users worldwide.  

Schmitz RZ Consult GmbH

Schmitz RZ Consult GmbH was founded in 1999 in Pulheim near Cologne and has since developed into a leading provider for monitoring and reporting on the subject of backup through constant further development with its BACKUP EAGLE® product. BACKUP EAGLE® guarantees a comprehensive view of the entire backup environment - backup clients, backup servers and backup devices.

For companies that use several backup software products in parallel and/or act as a service provider for their customers (BaaS - Backup as a Service), BACKUP EAGLE® combines an increase in the quality of backup reporting and monitoring with a simultaneous minimisation of manual efforts.  

Customers from different industries worldwide trust in the BACKUP EAGLE® solution (DACH, Norway, USA), which guarantees a complete overview and all evidence of their backup environment at any time. Users are also permanently prepared for audits. 

Weitere Kooperationspartner

IT Unlimited AG

IT Management bildet den inhaltlichen Schwerpunkt der IT unlimited AG. Mit dieser klaren Spezialisierung haben wir uns seit der Firmengründung 1999 zu einem der anerkanntesten Experten für Netzwerk- und Systemmanagement, Application Performance Management und Hybrid Cloud Management etabliert.

Im Partnerverbund mit der proficom GmbH bündeln wir unsere Fachkompetenzen und bilden ein eingespieltes Team, das maßgeschneiderte, praxiserprobte Lösungen für unsere gemeinsamen Kunden realisieren kann.

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