Reference Projects

There is no substitute for experience. Except even more experience!

Finished, successful projects are the very best reference. Here we have described some of the jobs we have done in greater detail so that you can get a better idea of what AG can do for you. Perhaps you would like further references? We shall be happy to tell you about work we have done that relates more closely to your needs. Do get in touch with us.

Across the years we have converted many hopes and dreams into realities, and gathered a great deal of experience in the process. We are happy to share examples of best practice with you so that we can continue to convince customers of what we are capable of.

Operational quality assurance at DP DHL

Deutsche Post DHL takes operational quality assurance measures to verify that non-functional requirements motivated by the business are complied with and that they work properly with the operating system and other applications. As a long-term consulting partner, AG conducts oad and performance tests for the DP DHL's IT systems. The scripts generated in the process are also re-used for monitoring from the end user's perspective. Whenever there is a hitch with the IT, or an application is performing poorly, or just to be proactive,'s consultants analyse network traffic, configurations and JVM behaviour, and run J2EE analyses.

Lasttest der racemap-App mit Open Source-Werkzeugen

Die Racemap Tracking App ist eine Web-Anwendung zur Echtzeit-Visualisierung von Sport-Events für Zuschauer, Sportler und Veranstalter. Der GPS-Service streamt Wettkämpfe live ins Internet und auf Smartphones und macht auch kleine Wettkämpfe weltweit erlebbar.

Racemap ist eine typische Client-Server-Anwendung. Es besteht aus einem Frontend – die App bzw. der Webplayer im Browser – und einem Backend – der Webserver mit der Datenbank, wo GPS-Daten empfangen, verwaltet und an den Webplayer versendet werden.

Um die Performance des Systems zu analysieren, werden folgende Werte herangezogen: CPU-, RAM- und Netzwerkauslastung sowie Netzwerkzugriffe und Antwortzeitverhalten. Schnelle Antwortzeiten sind essentiell für die Benutzerfreundlichkeit einer Webanwendung. Das Entwicklungsziel von Racemap ist z.B. beim Senden der GPS-Daten mit den Antwortzeiten unterhalb von 1.000 ms zu bleiben.

Eine detaillierte Projektdokumentation können Sie in den folgenden News-Artikeln nachverfolgen:

IT automation at T-Systems GmbH

T-Systems' Testhaus Betrieb (THB) provides ITIL-based managed services with a focus on heterogeneous, continuously changing IT systems. THB's main aim is application and system management in order to provide and support the non-production environment, from the operating system to the application, and to provide ongoing support for complex test environments.

Because of the constant competitive pressure T-Systems THB's processes, which are particularly multi-layered and complex, need to be adjusted, redefined and optimised in terms of their throughput times, quality and cost.