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Lilly Wüst
IT-ConsultantLilly Wüst
Sven Andersson
Senior Resource ManagerSven Andersson
Frank Krug
Sales Director | ProkuristFrank Krug
Till Müller
Marketing ManagerTill Müller
Jana Gnewekow
HR Director | ProkuristinJana Gnewekow
Gregor Hooper
Senior IT-ConsultantGregor Hooper
Thomas Jähnig
CEOThomas Jähnig
Tina Reim
HR Business PartnerTina Reim
Paul Dutschke
Senior IT-ConsultantPaul Dutschke
Senior IT-Consultant/Teamlead SupportAxel Fuhrig
Marcel Müller
IT-ConsultantMarcel Müller
Florian Fischer
Senior IT-ConsultantFlorian Fischer
Frederik Seitz
IT-ConsultantFrederik Seitz
Christoph Richter
Project Manager/Senior IT-ConsultantChristoph Richter
Byron Zeitschel
IT-ConsultantByron Zeitschel
Falk Höppner
Technical Director | Prokurist | Information Security Officer (ISO)Falk Höppner
Mario Munzig
Project Manager/Senior IT-ConsultantMario Munzig
André Gember
IT-ConsultantAndré Gember
Daniel Martin
IT-ConsultantDaniel Martin
Michael Kyau
Managing IT-ConsultantMichael Kyau
Bastien Reinhardt
Senior IT-ConsultantBastien Reinhardt
Bernhard Kühnel
Principal IT-ConsultantBernhard Kühnel
Andrea Schüttendiebel
Senior IT-ConsultantAndrea Schüttendiebel
Sigrun Fiedler
Finance and Accounting SpecialistSigrun Fiedler
Wilhelm Webersberger
IT-ConsultantWilhelm Webersberger
Peggy Biewald
Project Support SpecialistPeggy Biewald
Lara Bischoff
IT-ConsultantLara Bischoff
Anne-Kathrin Herrmann
Senior IT-ConsultantAnne-Kathrin Herrmann
Michael Lötzsch
CEOMichael Lötzsch
Grit Pfeifer
Project Support SpecialistGrit Pfeifer
Mike Junghanns
Senior IT-ConsultantMike Junghanns
René Schliemann
IT-ConsultantDr. René Schliemann
Martin Fischer
Senior IT-ConsultantMartin Fischer
Paul Klinkmüller
Principal IT-ConsultantPaul Klinkmüller
Michelle Riemer
Senior IT-ConsultantMichelle Riemer
Rico Stauch
Associate IT-ConsultantRico Stauch
Daniel Horn
Principal IT-ConsultantDaniel Horn
Saskia Petersen
Senior IT-ConsultantSaskia Petersen
Andreas Döring
Senior IT-Consultant/TeamcoachAndreas Döring
Julia Packeiser
IT-ConsultantJulia Packeiser
Johannes Stieber
IT-ConsultantJohannes Stieber
Tobias Richter
IT-ConsultantTobias Richter
Silvio Glöckner
Senior IT-ConsultantSilvio Glöckner
Kathrin Silberbach
Finance and Accounting SpecialistKathrin Silberbach
Christoph Brachmann
Managing IT-Consultant | Teamlead | Technical SalesChristoph Brachmann
Paul Zilewitsch
Senior IT-ConsultantPaul Zilewitsch
Tim Benke
Senior IT-ConsultantTim Benke
Hans Buntz
Senior IT-ConsultantHans Gärtner
Sven Petschull
Senior IT-ConsultantSven Petschull
Alexandra Frank
IT-ConsultantAlexandra Frank
Marc Leistritz
Senior IT-ConsultantMarc Leistritz
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