We make your job easier

It does not always have to be the top-end, high-tech tool. Sometimes it is the smaller tools that are far more useful. With our software development department, we not only offer cost-effective add-ons for existing platforms, but proprietary software solutions too.

It all began with fiddly support enquiries. But now we are also resolving complex problems and developing high-quality software for HP, Microsoft and SAP tools. FlexTest

Next generation test automation

From now on it can be far easier to simply record manual tests and make them into reusable, automated test cases.

  • High-quality HP QTP/UFT extensions for GUI frameworks
  • Generate derived test cases
  • Support for the recording of formal requirements

More TESTbank

Next Level Onlinebanking with FinTS 4.1

Attention all developers of online banking software! The " TESTBank" is the first test system to simulate a bank’s response behaviour according to the latest FinTS 4.1 standard.

  • A test against the latest standard
  • Authentification with RAH-7, RAH-9 und RAH-10 standards
  • Further features will be implemented using continuous delivery methods

More QC Backup

Automatic backups for HP Quality Center projects

Backing up small to medium-sized HP QC projects can be made far more secure using automated project exports.

  • Store backups locally or on the network
  • Project-specific configuration of backup retention times
  • Notifications of backup statuses

More HP ALM Synchronizer Adapter

Intelligent synchronisation of requirements and errors

Avoid unnecessary switching between different deployed systems and create more efficient working methods for the departments involved.

  • Send and consolidate data without errors
  • No more restrictions or switching between systems for users
  • Simplified reporting by keeping all data in HP ALM