Next generation test automation!

Manual software testing is a basic part of IT quality assurance and has great potential for automation. But the use and efficiency of automated testing largely derive from the level of test generation and maintenance costs. FlexTest will provide you with new ways of minimising these costs.

Exploit potential

From now on FlexTest can make it far easier to record manual tests and make them into reusable, automated test cases. The deriving of automatic test cases from formally recorded requirements is also taken into account and will give you more opportunity to automate in a cost-efficient way.

With FlexTest you will be adding an innovative component to the products HP Quick Test Professional (QTP), HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT) and HP Business Process Testing (BPT). FlexTest includes a range of HP QTP/UFT extensions. This means you can automatically test your applications that are based on the DevExpressTM or DevComponents frameworks

Features and functions

On agile software projects quality control requires, on the one hand, a high degree of test automation and, on the other, the continuous adjustment of the tests to new requirements. Requirements that have been formally recorded in a standardised way enable test cases to be generated and adjusted semi-automatically, so they provide the efficiency gains that agile projects require. FlexTest supports you by providing the basis for stable automated tests, created with little effort, for your modern applications and business processes.

With FlexTest you can automatically create valid test cases based on formal requirements and thus extend the proven functionalities of HP tools, including on modern GUI frameworks. In this way you will ensure that the quality of your applications remains high via cost-efficient, stable, reliable test automation.


  • High-quality HP QTP/UFT extensions for popular GUI frameworks
  • Reliably create extensions aligned with your applications based on: the latest web technologies, Java, .NET Framework and WPF, Delphi
  • Support with the recording of formal requirements and generating derived test cases
  • Implement other GUI elements at a fixed price after prior testing
  • Rapid, uncomplicated support

Success factors

  • Automated tests are particularly worthwhile when they are run regularly, and when quality is measured on an ongoing basis (continuous integration).
  • Knowledge transfer is important to us. After our input you will be able to keep on driving the automation by yourself.
  • Modularised test cases increase the tests' reusability.
  • The basis for the stable, inexpensive automation of an application is laid down during software development [reference project]

Key figures

  • Costs fall by up to 60 percent with automation compared with manual tests

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