HP ALM Synchronizer Adapter

Synchronise deployed Application Lifecycle Management systems

Heterogeneous IT landscapes require information to be shared across a range of systems. If done manually this increases the administrative effort and the risk of error during transfer. Minimise this effort and risk by automatic synchronisations using HP ALM Synchronizer Adapter..

Features and functions

Companies deploying HP ALM alongside other systems for requirements, change and fault management can use the HP ALM Synchronizer Adapter to easily consolidate the requirements and faults from third party systems in HP ALM:

  • Useful add-on for the supplied HP ALM Synchronizer
  • Link to requirements management with microTOOL in-Step
  • Integrate MKS Integrity to manage faults and change requests
  • Share faults with suppliers using IBM Rational Change


  • Information such as requirements, change requests or bugs is synchronised within your heterogeneous system landscape
  • Send and consolidate data without errors
  • No more restrictions or switching between systems for users
  • Improved, simplified reporting by keeping all data in HP ALM