Next-level online banking with FinTS 4.1

Attention all developers of online banking software! The " TESTBank" is the first test system to simulate a bank’s response behaviour according to the latest FinTS 4.1 standard.

From HBCI to FinTS

FinTS stands for “Financial Transaction Services” and is a follow-on product from the HBCI “Homebanking Computer Interface" online banking standard first launched in 1996 (source: FinTS repositions the standard - a necessary step given modified customer behaviour and the breakthrough of online banking. The logical focus on the Internet is evidenced by the shift to XML and http / https.

Our plan AG is currently developing a universal interface to perform financial transactions and import transfer data into an ERP system. Through end-to-end tests, the aim is for the software to send requests to a bank and process the corresponding answers. A test system of this kind has so far been impossible to offer, as the new standard is not yet supported by the providers of relevant systems or by the banks themselves.

The principle

The " TESTbank" is a service based on the current FinTS4.1 standard. It provides an end point for the development of home-banking software in order for the software’s functions to be checked in an end-to-end test, or the development of software for this standard to be supported. Changes are generated fully automatically at the “ TESTbank” through the Microsoft Team Foundation Server Release Management. Following successful tests, the new version will be rolled out on the server, and the new functions can be used immediately.

Current status

Only the latest FinTS4.1 standard is currently supported. There are no plans to extend older versions (HBCI 2.2 or 3.0), because there are already other providers for these. We are presently concentrating on the chip card security feature, as it is considered one of the safest and most reliable means of authentication.

The transactions are constantly being expanded. The following are currently functional:

  • Individual SEPA transfer,
  • Balance request, and
  • Account transactions by date

Planned features

Further features will be implemented in the near future using continuous delivery methods, and provided to all users. New production transactions are also in the pipeline:

  • Scheduled transfers
  • Account transactions/new SEPA standing orders
  • Foreign payment transactions (non-SEPA area)
  • Combined transfers
  • Single debit (not company/formerly collection)
  • Combined debit (collection not company)
  • Electronic account statements
  • Single company debits (direct debiting)
  • Combined company debits
  • Term deposits
  • Securities information


  • A test against the latest standard
  • Implementation of further transactions