Our implementations of DevSecOps in successful companies are based on a high degree of automation.

The main drivers for this are standardized procedures in the iterative development process (SCRUM, SaFe, Kanban), a higher-level requirements management and the consistent traceability of all assets.

Thanks to intelligent synchronization, you have the necessary information at hand at all times in context.

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Our credo: Everything as code. Regardless of whether test cases, infrastructure, deployment, monitoring or the application itself.

Use the advantages of "Everything as Code" in all areas of your company. Rely on proven technologies for compliance with code quality, compliance and security across all of your assets.

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An automated pipeline brings all build artifacts together, puts them through their paces in advance and then transfers the latest version to your environment.

In short: it is the script for all upstream and downstream DevOps phases. Take advantage of our expertise and design your highly scalable, future-proof build infrastructure with us.

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Testing where it makes sense and is efficient. Starting with unit tests, via API tests, to E2E tests at the UI level, you ensure the quality of your application functionally.

Most of your work is done. Supplemented by security tests, performance analyzes and the automated provision of test data and test environments, you lay the foundation for your DevOps pipeline.

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In the release process, you ensure the seamless transition from new features and changes to production. Make sure that all build artifacts are assigned to a release, versioned and delivered together in one package.

With the early integration of lightweight container technologies, you can streamline your release process and move directly to deployment.

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A change at the push of a button has never been so easy. Regardless of whether infrastructure deployment in the cloud or the installation of software packages on your operating systems, we have long since given up our infrastructure.

"Our" automation solutions (robots) do this for us. Does that sound good? We can help you with that.

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The application lifecycle does not end in operation. Day-2 operations are subject to the same basic principles (#automateeverything) as with all phases before.

Thanks to comprehensive traceability, you know the cause of every change. Root cause analysis has never been so easy. Benefit from our experience of automated operation of IT systems and the use of modern cloud technologies.

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