Run applications

Cloud & Automation

Just press play

Efficiency at the push of a button. When processes run automatically there are fewer sources of errors, and at the same time the speed increases - almost at the push of a button. So throw out those routine manual tasks and just press PLAY.

  • Huge time savings
  • Improve quality
  • Orchestrated end-to-end processes


Application Performance Management

Tuning, not doping

Endurance athletes, in particular, are familiar with, and fear, performance diagnostics. Ergometers and treadmills can be abused, ECGs recorded and lactate values measured - to the limit. It is not a cheap hobby, but it provides a perfect insight into one's performance. So how are things in your IT department?

  • Review your non-functional requirements
  • Identify reasons for delays, aborts and sluggish transactions
  • Substantially improve user and customer satisfaction


Continuous Delivery + Testing

IT Operations

Deploy hardware and software efficiently

A stable, cost-effective IT infrastructure is your company's backbone. How these systems will look in the future should not be left to chance. Put the necessary conditions in place so that you can respond rapidly to your customers' new requirements. We will show you the options and the way forward!

  • Reduce investment and operating costs
  • Utilise physical hosts and storage systems more efficiently
  • Generate added value by using modern "as a service" solutions