IT Operations

Plan, install, upgrade

Ambitious goals can only be converted into success when everything works perfectly together. For instance, the German football team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The same applies to IT centres, when hardware and software components work together in perfect alignment. We can lead you towards an efficient, standardised data centre management system.

In the age of the cloud, operating IT centres requires a high degree of standardisation and automation. Only by intelligently managing physical and virtual systems, and your applications that are used either installed or from the cloud, can you have a highly effective overall package.

This trend goes hand-in-hand with the requirements of agile development projects. This means creating new application releases and product features rapidly, and rolling them out with the same speed. By using efficient data centre management solutions and understanding modern DevOps methodologies you can build bridges between application development and operations, and you will be ready for the agile world.

Agile operations

The agility required to roll out hundreds of releases per month can only be achieved via enormous resources if you are using conventional operating models. Rigid underlying conditions such as complex organisational structures and fixed agreed service level agreements only slow the process down even more.

Dynamic application environments can only be operated by using automation solutions, defined standards and standardised, yet flexible, processes that respond to your customers' specific needs. All the issues, from technology through your operating processes to the contracts and service levels, need to be taken into account. With our experience and expertise we can support you on your way towards agility.

Make optimum use of resources

In our networked business world, many things intermesh. In order to ensure that you can plan how to deploy your IT resources, we will happily take over the part that looks after the coordination of systems, applications and users.

We will help you to optimise your investment and operating costs with flexible solutions for deploying test and production systems. This may include virtual machines, networks, firewalls and load balancers.

ITSM - quality and service mindset

Increasing pressure, both in terms of time and quality, on the availability of IT services, require methodological skills. With trained staff who are familiar with standards such as ITIL or PRINCE2, you will get the best possible support for your business processes that guarantee and monitor the IT services that are visible to your customers.


Using virtual infrastructure such as servers, storage and networks is usually the first step in optimising operating costs. For hardware to be used efficiently we recommend established solutions and systems from well-known manufacturers, such as VMware, KVM, HyperV and XEN. We shall be happy to support you as you decide on a system that meets your needs.

You can grow along with the requirements on your projects or, in cases of need, access public cloud resources from well-known providers. However, the widely differing operating models are extremely dependent on the security requirements involved.

By virtualising your network and storage resources you will be taking the next step towards the greatest possible flexibility and a software-defined data centre.

Do you have a vision of your future IT infrastructure which differs from traditional IT administration? We will be happy to advise you on bespoke administrative solutions.


  • Reduce investment and operating costs
  • Flexibility when deploying entire test environments with virtual machines, networks, firewalls and load balancers
  • Secure separation between network segments
  • Utilise physical hosts and storage systems more efficiently

Success factors

  • To operate an IT centre efficiently solutions are required that are closely aligned with the end customers' needs
  • Break up traditional silos between servers, network and databases and develop a shared understanding between your operations and development teams
  • Generate new added value by using modern "as a service" solutions

Key figures

  • Manage over 1,700 virtual / physical machines
  • Service for 250+ applications
  • Support for over 100 machines per administrator


  • There are innumerable tools, products and solutions for data centre management, both from big manufacturers and based on open source tools. We conduct in-depth analyses to identify what is ideal for you.
  • Our consultants have exceptional knowledge of products from global players such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware and Cisco through to open source solutions such as Puppet, Chef, Icinga and frameworks such as OpenStack.

What we do

Operational strategies and consulting

We can help you to draw up operational strategies for your testing or IT centre. This includes all the processes involved in IT centre operations, from deploying systems, through network strategies to managing software assets and integrating shared infrastructure components.

System and application operations

Where required, we can look after your entire IT centre, or operate individual applications or sub-tasks in the area of system or infrastructure operations.

Automation and the cloud

Taking into account the existing processes in the IT centre operation we can develop a cloud and automation strategy for you. The basis consists of automated workflows in the form of individual runbooks through to complex end-to-end processes.


A coordinated strategy for virtual IT infrastructure, consisting of virtualised hardware and software components, is the first step in the project. We then implement the individual components and test them. Where required we can virtualise servers, networks, desktops, applications and storage capacities for you to create a high-performance, legally sound virtualisation solution.