Optimise processes

Test automation

Why do the testing yourself if you can automate it?

Quality costs money! This is true, but in the end the investment pays off two-fold, as regular checking and testing reduces your product risks and the associated costs. Investing in automated tests ensures that your software is of consistently high quality, with no sacrifices in terms of time and speed. Get started today.

  • Identify faults early on
  • Reuse test cases
  • Better documentation and greater transparency


Optimise test processes

Improve efficiency and reduce boredom

1 + 1 = 2, full stop. However, sometimes 1 + 2 - 1 = 2. But why complicate matters when things are very simple?! We give you valuable advice on your testing processes and actively help you implement them. For quality doesn't sell itself.

  • Make optimum use of resources
  • Lean processes with clearly defined responsibilities
  • Continuous quality assurance throughout every development stage on a software project


Application Lifecycle Management

Old tricks and new tips - we know them all

Having trailblazing ideas and developing them into brilliant software – something everyone dreams of. If only it were that simple. A cool idea can only become a terrific product if the setup is right and the entire life cycle of the application is taken into account. We know that, and we get things moving so that you can be successful.

  • We advise on, select, integrate and customise suitable ALM tools
  • Sensible management of the teams involved
  • Retain control even with complex environments and projects


Quality Assurance

Chuck Norris has no need of testing. He knows all the bugs.

With programming, anything goes - and usually it goes wrong. Unfortunately one cannot identify the problems in advance. But a partner that deals with them creatively yet systematically, such as profi.com, can help.

  • Quality assurance throughout the entire project
  • Transparent processes for more productive results in the long term
  • Cost savings from timely and continuous testing