Application Lifecycle Management

Old tricks and new tips - we know them all

Application Lifecycle Management tools are often purchased at considerable expense, but only a fraction of their useful functions are then used. In such cases, ineffectiveness is pre-programmed. Or can you operate your smartphone and all its functions blindfolded? But sometimes the key success factor involves cutting things back to the essentials. We take the specific requirements and identify the best solution for you.

The challenge consists in managing the life cycle of applications and the teams working behind them: defining requirements, implementing them, quality assurance, releases, deployment, reporting. These areas need to be intelligently networked, coordinated and, where appropriate, zu automated.

Customising ALM tools

Powerful tools can take over these functions and connect the various teams with one another. But standard tools are very rarely ideal. We can help with this, with useful customisations which adjust the tools to your work processes. And not the other way around.

Moreover, processes have frequently not been defined or they are not known to everyone. We can help you to formulate them very clearly and embed them in your teams.


  • You retain control, even with complex environments and projects
  • Your teams work better with one another
  • You can analyse and measure success
  • The tool works for you, not the other way around

Success factors

  • Learn about the tools and their functions
  • Find out whether, and show how, they can be well used (knowledge transfer)
  • Integrate soundly into existing environments and workflows using appropriate interfaces
  • Keep processes simple and clarify the needs of different user groups

Key figures

  • 24 customizing projects in 2013
  • more than 950 Hours spent on Customizing / more than 700 Hours spent on Consulting
  • ca. 25.000 Lines of Code in 2013