Customised software

A perfect fit. Solutions for bespoke software.

Perfectly tailored products make people's work easier, and they pay off in terms of time and money saved. The same applies to software solutions.

Why customising software makes products better

With software quality assurance tools – so-called Application Lifecycle Management – customisations that satisfy the users' specific requirements are crucial. For the mapping of companies' internal processes and structures cries out for custom adjustments that help the company make better products with optimised resources.

Careful customising and task automation are proven methods of linking the requirements definition, software development, quality assurance, releases, deployment and reporting areas with one another, and in this way making workflows more elegant and streamlined.


By parametrising, configuring and adding to standard software we can design the tool so that it meets your requirements yet, at the same time, can continue to be maintained with no problems. Our experts are also available for migrations to later versions. In this way you can start using new features and functions very quickly and benefit from the technological progress of ALM tools.

As well as customising tools, our experts can also, if required, examine the underlying test process and recommend improvements if and where they are needed.


  • With the appropriate customisations you will get precisely what you have invested in
  • You can analyse and measure success
  • The tool works for you, not the other way around

Key figures

  • 13 HP ALM migrations within 12 months
  • more than 154 projects with appoximately 676,6 GB data
  • we advise three customers on updating their HP ALM entities