Quality Assurance

Chuck Norris has no need of testing. He knows all the bugs.

There are some things that people always think about too late - for example, software tests. Yet they are an integral part of any application development. At least, they should be. Whether your programming is traditional or agile, measuring your own quality can only make your software product better.

It is true that you can do all that yourself, but which developer is keen to own up to their own errors? Sometimes, external specialists provide the more objective input. We can help you to prepare and implement quality assurance measures, as we are experts in Application Lifecycle Management, or ALM for short.


Bridge the communication gaps within the entire life cycle of an application. Establish transparent processes that lead to more productive results in the long term. Introduce agile development methods so that you can respond to customer needs more quickly.

As we know where errors may be made, we work with you to identify and resolve them early on.

Success factors

  • Quality assurance throughout the entire project
  • Checks throughout complex software projects improve transparency and confidence in decision making
  • Rapid adjustment to changes during the development phase
  • Cost savings from timely and continuous testing
  • Reduce the time and cost of testing via test automation (savings of over 70 % are possible)

Key figures

Why it is better to detect errors early on:

  • 55 % of all errors occur in the requirements and design phase (IEEE Software, Jan.1985 - unfortunately this still applies)
  • 35 % of these errors are only found at the acceptance / go-live stage
  • The cost of resolving errors is 100x greater than in the definition phase

Methods / strategies

Software quality involves a number of issues. And we know them all! We work in compliance with international standards (e.g. ISTQB and CMMI) and we develop our own methods, such as modular testing, based on our own experience.