ContainerContainer Construction & Operation

Construction and operation of infrastructure for container orchestration

Whether OpenShift, Kubernetes or Docker Swarm: Companies rarely get around an orchestration solution when using containers.

Because with their help, a large number of containers can be operated in a cluster. The orchestration helps to reduce the effort for deployment and operation and to maintain an overview of all applications.


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Construction of the container infrastructure

A highly available, powerful and scalable platform is essential for the smooth operation of container applications. Building such a platform is one of the first steps in the transformation from classic to container-based applications. The chosen solution must match the current IT infrastructure and fit in seamlessly.

A container platform can be operated on-premise in your own data center on physical or virtual hardware or in a public or private cloud. The right choice depends on the business cases, technical and legal framework, budget and many other individual requirements.

We at AG advises you on the conception of an individual solution that meets your requirements. In addition, we support you with technical expertise in setting up the platform and integrating it into your IT landscape.

Container orchestration tools

Kubernetes is an open source platform for managing container-based workloads. It is one of the flagship projects of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Red Hat OpenShift

With OpenShift, Red Hat offers a container orchestration that is based on Kubernetes and extended by Red Hat with enterprise features.


Operation of the container infrastructure

In order for the deployment and operation of applications in a microservice architecture to run smoothly, not only the structure but also the operation of the container platform plays an important role. For trouble-free operation, processes such as expanding the configuration, importing security and function updates, onboarding new teams or monitoring and expanding the platform are essential components of daily tasks.

We at AG advises you on business processes or train your employees in handling container orchestration solutions. You benefit from our experience, which we pass on to you in the form of best practices and develop with you.

We also draw on many years of experience in the operation of data centers and bring this to you, applied to container environments.

Any questions?

We are happy to provide you with know-how, specific support services and associated license and support offers.

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