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Currently, there is hardly an IT discipline that is not touched by the cloud. Complete applications, entire networks and almost unlimited storage capacity - everything can be operated in the cloud for a limited period or permanently. There are very different models for this, which vary considerably in the desired depth of service depending on requirements.

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Public Cloud

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Our services

We design individual cloud and automation strategies from requirements analysis to the creation of test concepts and test cases.

We advise on the use and integration of cloud technologies and have expertise in the leading cloud providers such as Amazon, Microsoft or VMware.

We build cloud management platforms based on cloud service automation for managing multi-clouds.

Key facts
94 %
of all companies in the enterprise environment use cloud services
60 %
fewer security incidents recorded infrastructure in the cloud compared to traditional data centers
36 %
IT costs can be saved
Current posts
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Rootful oder rootless? Das ist keine Frage!

„ #1) Respect the privacy of others. #2) Think before you type. #3) With great power comes great responsibility. ” Jedem der schon einmal mit Linux auf der Kommandozeile g...

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Getting Started with Packer and Azure

Einleitung Packer ist eine Open-Source-Anwendung von HashiCorp, um Maschine Images automatisiert zu erstellen. Damit werden bisher zumeist zeitaufwendige manuelle Arbeiten – beispielsweise ...

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Bild Blogbeitrag: Image und Container Updates

Image und Container Updates

Nachdem in den vorangegangenen Beiträgen unserer Serie gezeigt wurde, wie Docker Images erstellt und diese mit Docker und OpenShift als Container oder Pod verfügbar gemacht werden, möchten wir in ...

13.10.2021Lesedauer: 7 min
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Knowledge on demand

We make our expert knowledge available to you in webinars and other formats.

Know-howTerraform from HashiCorpTerraform is an open source Infrastructure as Code tool from HashiCorp that can be used to manage these complex infrastructure environments. Terraform differs from other tools of this kind in that it is platform-independent (in German).29. Juli 2021
WebinarAnsible® - First StepsUsing concrete examples, we give you an introduction to Ansible®. We show you how to install and configure Ansible. After the installation, you can start right away with the first ad-hoc commands. This way you can achieve your first successes without any playbooks (in German).13. April 2021
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