Infrastructure & Cloud Management

Infrastructure & Cloud Management

In the course of digitization, traditional business models have long since been optimized or even largely replaced by IT support.

Whether for IT service providers with external customers or the company's own IT department, the challenges are usually almost identical. New technologies are increasingly establishing themselves as industry standards. To this end, our customers often operate in a diverse, fast-moving and complex IT landscape, consisting of simple, developer-oriented, cloud-native tools, complex enterprise solutions, public cloud service offerings, the company's own server, container and network platform, and the complete blending of all.

The trend of IT playing an increasingly significant role in any business will continue. This makes it all the more important that the company's own IT services - whether internal or external - are provided as securely, quickly, flexibly, innovatively and with the highest possible quality as possible. Standardization and automation are the essential cornerstones for meeting these challenges in the long term.

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Infrastructure & Cloud Management

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions...

  • ...are individually tailored to your processes and needs.
  • ...quickly tap the most important optimization potentials of your IT.
  • ...are tool and technology independent, we use what you already have and avoid black box/island solutions.
  • ...promote the acceptance of automation in IT.
  • ...are based on proven methods of agile software development.
  • ...are not set in stone, changing requirements can be responded to quickly.
  • ...can be seamlessly integrated into existing DevOps processes - with the goal of End2End automation.
Key facts
99 %
Less time required for infrastructure updates
50 %
Less management effort for the IT infrastructure
94 %
Faster provisioning of complex environments through Infrastructure as Code
Our services

We design individual automation strategies from requirements analysis to the creation of test concepts and test cases.

We support the development of automated workflows up to their testing, commissioning and maintenance.

We provide service and infrastructure automation as self services.

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Know-howTerraform from HashiCorpTerraform is an open source Infrastructure as Code tool from HashiCorp that can be used to manage these complex infrastructure environments. Terraform differs from other tools of this kind in that it is platform-independent (in German).29. Juli 2021
WebinarAnsible® - First StepsUsing concrete examples, we give you an introduction to Ansible®. We show you how to install and configure Ansible. After the installation, you can start right away with the first ad-hoc commands. This way you can achieve your first successes without any playbooks (in German).13. April 2021
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