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Orchestration - interlocking process chains in the IT landscape 

The complexity of IT landscapes results from very different requirements. As a rule, a functioning IT consists of various hardware and software assets. Change management, backup, asset management, monitoring and ticket systems are just a few examples of relevant and necessary IT processes when it comes to deploying infrastructure, networks, applications or services.

Orchestration connects these individual silos and enables the creation of highly automated process chains into a total service - the basic prerequisite for DevOps. The use of self-service-based IT infrastructure, the integration of public cloud services and Infrastructure as Code are essential basic elements to significantly accelerate the deployment of new application releases.


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Infrastructure Automation & Self Services

Ordering workloads seems almost trivial in the age of AWS, Azure and the like. However, there is much more to it in corporate IT.

Resources must be approved and then reserved, the new system must be created, and of course it must meet the legal and technical requirements of the company. Updates in asset management, as well as a change management database, inclusion in the automatic backup and monitoring and final notification of the user are also part of the process. Questions often arise such as: "How often should backups be made? How critical is the system? Is one instance enough or do I need a cluster? Who pays for the licenses or ensures operation?

Fulfilling user requests can always leave even the best experts with questions and big tasks. Orchestration makes it possible to standardize and simplify this process. As a user, I just order an XS, M or XL machine with optional backup or monitoring and check the box for "security relevant" or "DSGVO relevant".

In addition, you also relieve your own IT, so that they can once again take care of the really important things, such as special systems or the further development of your products.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of products and solutions to standardize and simplify the provision of IT systems. 

Process Automation 

Installing updates on a server in the web store doesn't sound like a big challenge to you? Even in this rather simple scenario, there are usually a few essential steps to perform:

  • Creation Change
  • Creation of a snapshot or backup
  • Temporary deactivation in the load balancer as well as deactivation of system and application monitoring
  • Execution of the installation of updates
  • Testing of functionality after updates (log file analysis, regression tests, etc.)
  • Update asset management
  • Completion Change

These and similar process chains cost time, take place regularly and are still far too often carried out by experienced experts. Experts who should actually be using their working time to further develop products.

Orchestrating lifecycle management in complex IT infrastructures has been part of AG's portfolio for over 10 years. With tools such as Microfocus HCMX (Operations Orchestration, Cloud Service Automation), Red Hat Ansible or Red Hat Satellite, as well as Terraform or Morpheus Data, we will be happy to create an individual solution for you that standardizes lifecycle management and relieves your IT.

Key facts
50 %
Less management effort for the IT infrastructure
94 %
Faster provisioning of complex environments through Infrastrucutre as code
53 %
Increasing operational efficiency

Cloud Provisioning

More and more IT is being operated in the cloud. The use of AWS, Azure or Google Compute Cloud poses completely new challenges for developers and administrators. The large providers offer various APIs in addition to web interfaces. Some features can only be used via these. For example, to deploy a 3-tier web application, virtual networks, gateways, security policies, instance resources and much more must be provisioned.

Red Hat Ansible, HashiCorp Terraform or Microfocus HCMX offer you the possibility to automate on-premise and cloud infrastructure equally. We are happy to support you with the architecture and the selection of suitable tools, as well as the implementation and commissioning of solutions. Afterwards or in parallel, our experts will support you with training, education and consulting. 

Application Deployments 

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the application must be rolled out to a server in a reproducible, testable and traceable manner. Today's market demands that innovative software solutions be deployed within weeks or even days and meet the highest quality standards. This can only be achieved through a high degree of automation.  

Through Infrastructure as Code, they define the necessary resources for complex environments. At the push of a button, they check or provide the necessary servers, storage and networks. With Configurations Management, you describe which application must be installed on which instance and how it must be configured.  

Whether it's a web server, database, load balancer or monitoring system - with Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management you avoid manual changes and document the target state along the way. You also ensure that every change can be reproducibly tested.

We are happy to support you with our expertise in the introduction and implementation of configuration management and Infrastructure as Code best practices.

Mit Network Automation werden sich wiederholende Prozesse wie Konfigurationsänderungen, Betrieb und Bereitstellung automatisiert vorgenommen

Network Automation

Mit Einführung der Network Automation gehört die manuelle Verwaltung von physischen und virtuellen Netzwerk-Geräten der Vergangenheit an. Durch die Orchestrierung sich wiederholender Prozesse werden Konfigurationsänderungen, Bereitstellung und der Betrieb von Netzwerkkomponenten automatisch vorgenommen.

Warum sollten auch Sie das Thema Netzwerkmanagement in Ihrer Automatisierungsstrategie beachten? Während sich neue Technologien rasend schnell entwickelt haben und zu Standards wurden, hat sich insbesondere das Thema Netzwerkmanagement in den letzten Jahrzehnten nur wenig weiterentwickelt.

Doch die traditionelle Verwaltung von Netzwerken ist zu langsam und zu fehleranfällig, um heutige Geschäftsanforderungen abzudecken. Als Palo Alto Partner und mit umfangreicher Erfahrung in der Automatisierung und Orchestrierung helfen wir Ihnen die Effizienz Ihres Netzwerkbetriebs zu steigern, das Risiko menschlicher Fehler zu minimieren und die Betriebskosten zu senken.

For orchestration we use
Micro Focus HCMX

Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management X provides comprehensive fulfillment orchestration to accelerate application delivery, improve operational efficiency, and streamline service provisioning and utilization.

Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat Ansible is an open-source automation tool for orchestration and general configuration and administration of computers.

Micro Focus DCAX

Micro Focus Data Center Automation automates your service governance processes end-to-end with smarter patching, continuous compliance management, advanced processor orchestration, and enterprise-level provisioning.

Morpheus Data

Morpheus is an application automation platform that supports self-service deployment across a mix of hypervisors, platforms and clouds, while ensuring security. 

HashiCorp Terraform

Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool that lets you create, change and improve infrastructure in a secure and predictable way.

Red Hat Satellite

Red Hat Satellite's strengths lie in the management, automation, and compliance auditing of Linux-based IT infrastructure across the complete lifecycle. End-2-end automation workflows can be implemented via integrations with Red Hat Ansible.

Any questions?

We are happy to provide you with know-how, specific support services and associated license and support offers.

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