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Maximum productivity and performance through comprehensive application monitoring

Discover now the advantages you will achieve through application monitoring. We show how you can continuously monitor and evaluate compliance with your application requirements. Together we will achieve a proactive increase in the performance of the applications by identifying possible causes of problems at an early stage.

We use these tools
Mit Micro Focus Business Process Monitoring überwachen Sie Geschäftsprozesse proaktiv und kontinuierlich, um Leistungsprobleme zu erkennen
Dynatrace erkennt, überprüft und überwacht automatisch dynamische Multi-Cloud-Umgebungen.
Nagios dient dem Monitoring komplexer IT-Infrastrukturen wie Netzwerken oder Hosts
Mit Granafa visualisieren Sie Leistungsdaten aud unterschiedlichen Monitoringsystemen in übersichtlichen Dashboards


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Advantages of application monitoring
Be safe!

Resilience. The uninterrupted availability of your service is guaranteed by minimizing the risk of failure. This failure safety results in an increase in the satisfaction of your users.

Be available!

Highest Availability. Increase the efficiency and satisfaction of your users by minimizing waiting times.

Be predictive!

Predictive Analysis. Use your database and evaluations to make predictions about the future behavior of your service and thus prevent failures.


Be fast!

Development, Infrastructure & Design Monitoring. The development-accompanying monitoring of your test and stage environment leads to time and cost savings. By monitoring performance and functionalities, you are always able to (re)act quickly.

Be transparent!

Transparency. With the help of the monitoring you make relevant data visible and thereby optimize your decision-making ability. Incidentally, you also increase your communication efficiency.


Be detective!

Failure Analysis. Carry out the most precise root cause analyzes through profiling. Build up know-how about application behavior and make sure you don't make mistakes twice.

Kontinuierliches Application Monitoring steigert die Performance Ihrer Anwendungen und Systeme

Your way to more transparency

In order to get an overview, we first analyze your applications or systems. We decide together with you which is the best approach according to your individual needs. In the next step, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of tools that we will use for scripting and monitoring below. Parallel to the creation of the first scripts, we work with you to integrate the monitoring into the system landscape.

Based on the data obtained about your applications, we can make targeted recommendations and thus continuously optimize end user satisfaction, the performance of your applications and systems and their availability. In order to achieve long-term success, we also offer training on the established application monitoring approach.

Any questions?

We are happy to provide you with know-how, specific support services and associated license and support offers.

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