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Higher application quality through load and performance tests 

The first impression counts! In addition to visual impressions, a fast response time behavior ensures that you achieve high and sustainable user satisfaction. Load and performance tests provide you with information about the performance of your applications and system landscape.

We use these tools
Mit Apache JMeter lassen sich Lasttests in Client/Server-Anwendungen durchführen, besonders eignet es sich beim Testen von REST Services
Micro Focus LoadRunner Enterprise ist eine Plattform für kollaborative Last- und Performancetests
BlazeMeter ist eine agile Testing-as-a-Service-Plattform
Mit Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional lassen sich unnatürliche Verhaltensweisen von Anwendungen aufzeigen


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Types of performance tests
Stress test

We determine the point of maximum load by increasing the expected level of load until errors exceed a limit that is no longer tolerable.

Load test

With the help of targeted load tests, we can determine the load capacity of your system under expected conditions in normal operation.

Scalability test

By gradually increasing the load, we can determine the point from which a further increase triggers a strongly disproportionate increase in response times. We test to what extent this limit can be shifted upwards by adding hardware and software components.

Spike test

We test how your system reacts to an unexpected increase and decrease in user load. Your application will be tested with extreme load increments and decrements.

Fail Over test

During the test, for example, a system failure with restart is simulated and the high availability properties of your application are checked. The focus is on the correct reaction of individual, redundantly designed system components.

Continuous load test

We check long-term stability, resource requirements and response time behavior by generating a continuous load over a longer period of time in order, for example, to reveal memory leaks in your system.

Mit Last- und Performancetests steigern Sie die Zufriedenheit Ihrer User und decken Abweichungen in Systemen und Anwendungen frühzeitig auf

The earlier the better

Your system behavior under load significantly determines the user behavior on the application or in your system. It is advisable to include performance tests in the development process of your application as early as possible. The possibility of a resulting shortening of the development phase as well as an early performance and risk assessment can fundamentally influence the release of your application. This makes it possible to identify deviations promptly so that you can act more quickly and eliminate errors.

Above all, load tests and stress tests are in great demand: You can use load tests to ensure in a controlled manner that the load capacity as well as reliable and high-performance availability are given. Furthermore, stress tests offer the possibility to go beyond the load limits of your system or your application and thus to simulate maximum load and recovery behavior and to observe possible effects.


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WebinarMicro Focus LoadRunner 2021 - was ist neu?Was passiert, wenn eine Anwendung einer erhöhten Userzahl gegenübersteht? Bricht sie zusammen? Um jederzeit performante Applikationen bereitzustellen, bietet sich mit Micro Focus LoadRunner ein Werkzeug an, dies zu simulieren. Wir zeigen dir, was dich bei „Load Runner 2021“ (ehemals Performance Center) Neues erwartet und wie du das Tool nutzbringend für sich einsetzt.16. März 2021

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