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Every customer, every project and every requirement is unique. So are we. It is our motivation to design and implement solutions, that meet our customers' need, are easy to integrate into the customers' IT and easy to adopt by the customers' employees. Only when we comply with these requirements, we have successfully added value to our customers' business. Understanding our customers' key business and focusing on process optimization, has made us grow to a successful mid-sized IT-Consulting  company. 

In our opinion, the integration of Development, Operations and IT-Security is mandatory for growing IT-business in the future. 

Automation is the key driver for innovation and digital transformation. This is where we support our customers with our solutions. 

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Our holistic DevSecOps Approach 

Infrastructure & Cloud Management

IT-Landscapes are complex. You can reduce this complexity by automating and orchestrating different systems and processes. Deploy your infrastructure if needed only and make the next step towards automated IT-operations. This allows you to  keep track on your IT and to identify potentials for improvement 

Application Performance Management

Detect anomalies of your application and its components', before you deliver it to your customers. Make use of Load- and Performance-Testing to improve your application's capability and implement Application Monitoring to guarantee a sustainable user satisfaction.


Containers are state of the art in modern IT environments and are mandatory to gain efficiency in the context of DevOps and Cloud-Computing. For running containers in an enterprise manner, you need a  high-available, performant and scalable orchestration platform. No matter whether you are running containers on-premise or in the cloud, make sure to protect them from the very beginnning against potential threats. If you are planning to containerize legacy applications keep in mind, that refactoring often leads to reengineering and it could be a cost-saving option, to adapt cloud-native application development straight away.

Lifecycle Management & Integration

Customer requirements' towards features and speed of an application are changing faster than ever before. This makes it necessary for you as a Software Development company to implement a smart and highly automated Lifecycle Management. Using integration und synchronization of Tools involved in the application's lifecycle you are taking important steps towards total  quality assurance. At the same time Anpassung der ALM Toollandschaft an Ihre Infrastruktur eine größtmögliche Individualisierung.

Public Cloud

Egal ob Sie sich für eine Private, Public oder Hybrid Cloud entscheiden: mit virtualisierten Ressourcen skalieren Sie flexibel Ihre IT-Infrastruktur. Entscheidend ist die richtige Strategie. Wir begleiten Sie auf den entscheidenden und wichtigen Schritten in die Cloud und unterstützen Sie bei der Umsetzung eines automatisierten IT-Betriebskonzeptes.

Test Automation

Heben Sie die Effizienz Ihrer Softwaretests auf ein neues Level. Durch den Einsatz von Tools für funktionale und nicht-funktionale Tests erreichen Sie eine hohe Testabdeckung. Diese, gepaart mit automatisierten Build- und Deploymentprozesseen in CI-/CD-Pipelines, ermöglicht eine Effizienzsteigerung. Mit verschieden Testarten und Methodiken erreichen Sie Ihre Qualitätsziele.

Application Security

Sichere Software zu entwickeln bedeutet, beim Coding zu beginnen. Mit der statischen Codeanalyse werden Programmierschwachstellen frühzeitig erkannt. Ergänzend dazu sichern dynamische und echtzeitbasierte Sicherheitstests sowie das interaktive Testen der Sicherheit von Anwendungen Ihre Applikationen umfassend ab.

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