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In everyday work, different tools are used. Sometimes the collaboration with other projects is challenging due to the different tools. For example, compiling reports from the test and development areas requires a great deal of effort. This involves redundantly maintaining and merging data in several tools. This results in additional effort, which costs time and resources.

We have made it our business to support you in eliminating these problems and additional efforts with our expertise and experience. 

Die Integration und Migration unterschiedlichster Tools sichert eine kontinuierlich hohe Qualität in Softwareprojekten


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Minimize effort through synchronization & integration 

Nowadays, there is also a corresponding software solution for many work areas. As a result, the same data is needed in different tools. Synchronization and integration offer numerous possibilities for linking tools with each other and exchanging large amounts of data automatically.

Synchronizations can be used to link different tools and processes and reduce manual work. In a possible work process, requirements are maintained in one backlog management tool, but tests are performed in another tool. The resulting defects are now required again in backlog management for documentation and processing. Synchronization allows the data and information required in each case to be exchanged without manual effort. These aspects reduce the susceptibility to errors and users benefit from the time savings. It is also possible to exchange data from projects of the same tool. In this context, migrations of data can also be performed. In the case of large amounts of data, the manual transfer of data would involve a great deal of effort.

We are also happy to support you with integration issues. Be it the integration into a CI/CD pipeline or the linking of two tools. CI/CD pipelines can automate deployment processes, enabling early testing and more precise change tracking. For example, a pipeline involves automatically deploying software after changes are checked in to GIT. It then runs unit tests, automated tests and security checks. When these demonstrate a desired coverage and success rate, the software is rolled out to the integration or production environment. The results of each test stage are automatically transferred to the respective test management tool upon completion. In addition, it is possible, for example with plug-ins, to link two tools directly with each other and thus transfer data between them. This means that all important information is available at a glance and users can work in their preferred tools.

  • Interfaces and integrations pave the way for DevSecOps
  • Projects continue to work in their preferred tools
  • Effort minimization through elimination of manual transfer activities
  • Enables (better) value stream management for traceability analysis and process improvement
  • Reduction of error susceptibility due to automated process
  • Consolidation of results in a central location
  • Extensibility of standard applications
  • Save time and nerves
Vorteile der Synchronisation auf einen Blick
Our service for you
Consulting & Conception

We advise and support you in setting up or expanding your DevSecOps landscape.


We support you in the integration and synchronization of tools according to your requirements.


We set up synchronizations for you according to your requirements and using standard applications, and help with extensions using scripts.


We support you in implementing and extending your CI/CD environment, integrate tools into pipelines and help you achieve the highest possible level of automation.

Proprietary developments

If standard applications lack functions, we develop not only web services and webhooks for you, but also synchronization solutions that act in conjunction with gateways.

Tools we integrate
Jira ist ein Werkzeug für das Anforderungs- und Testmanagement bis hin zur agilen Softwareentwicklung.
Micro Focus ist eine Testmanagement-Lösung für anspruchsvolle Softwareprojekte
Micro Focus ALM Octane unterstützt die IT-Qualitätssicherung in agilen Entwicklungsprojekten

Any questions?

We are happy to provide you with know-how, specific support services and associated license and support offers.

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