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Intelligent Day 2 Operations

Automation and orchestration not only save a lot of time in the provision of IT resources. They also allow cost optimization potential to be tapped in operations, so that IT can turn its attention to innovative and exciting projects. Day 2 operations are a broad range of tasks that include operational readiness, maintenance, optimization, backup and compliance of IT systems.

Die Automatisierung und Orchestrierung des IT-Betriebs schafft Freiräume für Innovationen


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Next Level Monitoring

How much free resources do I have in which data center? What is the utilization of my existing resources and what will additional resources in the cloud cost me? And how does the planning fit in with my existing budget? Only those who can answer these questions are really prepared for workload peaks - such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Whether there will be enough CPU, RAM, IPs free tomorrow should not be an estimate, but should be foreseeable from past and present data.

We use the data of the existing, individual monitoring systems and reuse them correlated and aggregated. The data then flows into a wide-ranging Umbralla monitoring system and can be used for forecasting. Alerting or self-healing automatisms are implemented as part of the DevOps process and thus increase the stability of your applications and systems or shorten downtime in the event of an error.

The accumulation of data in an Umbrella Monitoring enables you to maintain an overview. See at a glance how your landscape is really doing and react accordingly. Also visualize correlations for better root cause analysis and avoid errors due to lack of transparency.

Automatic Error Handling

Most IT landscapes today already offer some degree of automation and monitoring. Many of the alarms that arise have a high impact, but are quite easy to solve. From a simple server reboot to re-deploying an application or restoring a database from backups, many things can be automated without waking the IT department up at night or incurring long downtimes. If you already maintain a wiki with problem solutions, the step to automated error handling is small.

Increase customer and user satisfaction and avoid unnecessary 1st and 2nd level support work by leveraging our expertise in Micro Focus HCMX (Operations Orchestration, Cloud Service Automation), Red Hat Ansible, Micro Focus OpsBridge, Grafana or Icinga2. We would be happy to support you in implementing a solution that is right for you.

Key facts
94 %
Less time required to close security gaps
99 %
Less time required for infrastructure updates
53 %
Less unplanned downtime

Patch & Compliance Management

Today's IT systems must meet the highest standards of compliance and security. The press is filled with headlines about insecure databases, unpatched systems and compliance failures.

Software updates for servers, libraries and interfaces are released almost daily. Use configuration management to ensure your systems are up to date and stay that way. Describe when and how updates are distributed and avoid unwanted escalations when new security vulnerabilities become known.

In addition, security policies such as access permissions, password policies and firewall settings must be adapted to meet your own requirements for a secure Internet presence. DevSecOps is security-by-design and with Configuration Management you can already meet the compliance requirements of ISO27000, PCI-DSS or NIST when designing your services.

For Day 2 Operations we use

Grafana is a cross-platform open source application for graphical representation of data from various data sources.

Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat Ansible is an open-source automation tool for orchestration and general configuration and administration of computers.

Micro Focus Operations Bridge

Micro Focus Operations Bridge is a cloud monitoring solution with automated event and performance monitoring for multi-cloud and on-premise environments.

Any questions?

We are happy to provide you with know-how, specific support services and associated license and support offers.

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